Just Your Standard Bull

Michael Sturgess, Southern Livestock Standard

April 26, 2024

                  Tomorrow will be Tuesday, April 22. I will be boarding a plane to Kansas City at 9:30 am to attend meetings for the American International Charolais Association (AICA) on Wednesday and Thursday. I am currently serving as president and to say there is a lot going on there would be selling it short. We are currently trying fill the position of AICA Executive Vice President (cross your fingers) plus exploring the possibilities of increasing the demand for Charolais beef through either branding or other possible venues.

                  I fly home Thursday evening, only to repack and leave for a 2-day sale at Cavender Ranches, in Jacksonville, Texas. I will leave from there to make stops in Arkansas, then on for Friday and Saturday Sales in South Georgia (Blackwater) and Bunnell, Florida (Phillips-Fenco) on May 3rd and 4th.

                  But then I need to rush on home to get ready for  one of the biggest event in our lives, as our daughter Shelbi, who was born during our 1st Annual San Antonio All Breed Sale in 1992, is getting married on May 18th!

                  And did I mention that all the while, our parent insurance company, Silveus Insurance Group, is taking on a new investment partner called Risk Strategies? You can expect to hear more on this front by May 1.

                  So, as you see, I could really use a clone right now to help me prepare notes for the meetings, get this column finished, pack my bags, make sure to schedule the yard guys (did I mention we are re-landscaping our yard right now too?), and pay the end of month bills now since I won’t be here then. 

                  The only problem with a clone is I would waste too much time arguing with myself that I would end up doing it all anyway.

                  Wish me luck!

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