CDP Brangus announces a new fall production sale date and location for Nov. 15–16, 2023

August 7, 2023

El Dorado, Arkansas – CDP Brangus is excited to announce the move of their fall cattle production sale to El Dorado, Arkansas. The new sale location marks a significant milestone for the livestock industry in the region, providing ranchers, cattlemen, cattlewomen, buyers and sellers with a cutting-edge marketplace to conduct business efficiently and effectively with an established and long-standing group of customer-focused producers.

      The sale location will provide a new opportunity for producers to buy and sell the premiere genetics in the Brangus breed in the United States. The fall production sale will be held annually at the new sale facility at Draggin’ M Ranch and will feature 175 Brangus and Ultrablack bulls, 300 commercial females and 75 premier Brangus and Ultrablack registered females. 

      In today’s increasingly demanding growing conditions, Brangus cattle can thrive in hot and humid regions, as well as in more temperate climates. They also have a natural resistance to common cattle diseases and parasites, making them hardy and vigorous. Brangus cattle have a unique ability to handle heat stress which allows them to graze and forage even in hot weather. They are also renowned for their growth efficiency and excellent meat quality. Brangus cattle are known for having good maternal instincts, calving ease and docility, which makes management easier for ranchers.

The latest data shows CDP Brangus leads in quality grades, yield grades and profit.

      CDP strives to produce cattle that are consistent in type and kind. The breeding strategies, across all the partnership are consistent…produce cattle that are data-driven and will outperform the competitors. CDP strives to bring cattle to market that have exceled in terms of growth, carcass merit and structural soundness, while still maintaining eye-appeal and a docile temperament. Most importantly, the organization is seeing the results at the feed yard. CDP Brangus and our customers have been retaining ownership of over 1,500 steers and feeder heifers over the last three years with great success. Our recent data shows CDP cattle have desired conversion rates, with quality grades as high as 97% Choice or Prime, with an average of 85%. Yield grade averages have been averaging 2.9 to 3.2. Dressing percentages have consistently been above 63%. Another very strong trait that separates Brangus from others is that they stay healthy and don’t die during the feeding phase. 

      “At CDP Brangus we are using this data not only to aid in our direction but obviously to pass genetics on to our customer base. You won’t find better cattle anywhere.” says Craig Green, CDP Brangus marketing director.

      CDP looks forward to welcoming cattle producers from across the nation to the fall production sale on Nov.15-16, 2023 at Draggin’ M Ranch in El Dorado, Arkansas. To be included on the mailing list for a sale catalog, please visit the website at and submit a catalog request. 

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