A new era for Cavender Ranches

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July 7, 2023


Joe Cavender, Cavender Ranches, Tyler, Texas recently announced the decision to become an independent Brangus and Charolais cattle producer. “I have made a lot of close friends and have enjoyed working with and respect our partners in both Genetrust and Cavender-Draggin’ M and Partners. However, I feel like the time has come for Cavender Ranches to be on our own,” said Cavender. 

“As our operation continues to grow, both in size and quality, we feel being independent gives us more long-term flexibility in marketing bulls, females, semen and embryos and the utilization of the real-world carcass data we are able to glean. It helps us better address the needs of our customers and cooperators in terms of providing greater market access and premium marketing opportunities both at the registered and commercial level,” added Cavender. 

Cavender Ranches have been involved in the Brangus breed for over 30 years and made a commitment to feed all their commercial steers and non-replacement quality females over 25 years ago. The feed lot data gained through this endeavor has been an important factor in their decision- making process and breeding program. Cavender Ranches remains both a seedstock producer and an end user of their product through their commercial herds and feedlot programs. 

The Cavender management team remains intact, with Justin Matejka continuing to serve as general manager of Cavender Ranches and Dustin Kennedy remaining the purebred cattle manager. Also assisting in customer service and marketing are Mark Cowan and Todd Harvey. 

Cavender Ranches will continue to host their annual bull and female sale the third weekend in November, the Cavender Spring Bull Sale the second weekend in March and their Spring Female Production Sale the fourth weekend in April. 

Cavender Ranches will remain focused on providing genetically superior, performance driven registered and commercial cattle. The commercially focused operation will continue to feed their own steers and assist customers in their marketing efforts, both commercially and in the registered seedstock sectors of the industry. 

For more information visit www.cavenderranches.com.

Southern Livestock

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